On September 29, 2021, Cameron and Barbara Gardella of Woodbury, Connecticut donated 8.844 acres of land off Southbury Road in Roxbury to the Roxbury Land Trust in memory of their ancestors the late Dr. Mary and Wilbur MacIntyre, formerly of Roxbury.  

Dr. MacIntyre, nee Mitchell, married Wilbur MacIntyre and moved to Roxbury circa 1911.  She stopped practicing medicine to raise her children.  Reportedly when World War I began, Roxbury’s physician left to serve his country.  With no physician nearby and having the encouragement of friends, Dr. MacIntyre took a refresher course at Cornell in 1916, passed the state board exam, and renewed her license to practice medicine. 

Her practice was based on Church Hill Road in a former hat shop and she reportedly made house calls in a buggy or sleigh depending on the weather.   

The property contains both wetlands and uplands, hardwood forest, and native plants.  It serves as a wildlife corridor connecting several undeveloped parcels.  The new preserve currently has no parking or trails.  According to RLT President Julie Steers, “We thank the Gardellas for choosing to conserve land as a way to honor an impressive medical professional and one of the first women to practice medicine in Roxbury.” 

To discuss ways in which RLT can assist in memorializing your loved ones, or to find out more about land conservation, please contact RLT’s Executive Director Ann Astarita at execdirector@roxburylandtrust.org or call 860-350-4148.