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Nature Notes

Avoiding Bear Encounters


With more frequent bear sightings in Roxbury and the neighboring towns, we share this information about how to discourage a bear from adopting you.

The CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection reminds residents to take steps to reduce contact with bears. Bears are often attracted to human-provided foods found near homes. (On rare occasions they may attack livestock.) Steps to take:

If encountering a bear while hiking, make your presence known by yelling or making other loud noises. Usually a bear will move from an area once it detects humans. If it does not retreat, slowly leave the area and find an alternate route.

To report a bear sighting, call the DEEP Wildlife Division Sessions Woods office at 860-675-8130, the DEEP's 24-hour dispatch line at 860-424-3333, or use this report form. For more information, explore the CT DEEP site.


Mile-a-Minute Vine

Mile-a-Minute vine (MAM), Persicaria perfoliata, is an aggressive, invasive Asian annual vine. It is capable of completely covering all vegetation up to a height of 20 feet. Plants grow at a rate of up to 6 inches a day and produce up to 2000 seeds/year. Seeds remain viable for at least 6 years, probably longer. MAM blankets the landscape, out-competing other plants, replacing native vegetation, and damaging habitat for native animals. It is a serious threat to biodiversity. In Litchfield County, mile-a-minute vine has been found in Bridgewater, New Milford, Roxbury, Torrington, and Woodbury. Please familiarize yourself with this threat so that you may be able to spot it and report it! The following links should help.

Invasive Plants

For information on invasive plants please explore the website of the Connecticut Invasive Plant Working Group.

Be on the lookout for a noxious plant, Giant Hogweed. This PDF brochure provides more information and will help you distinguish it from other benign plants.

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